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Advocacy - AWARE


AWARE believes in social justice, promoting wellness, workforce retention, and workforce development. We advocate for trauma-informed approaches, healthy work culture, self-care, and giving back.

Holistic Wellness - AWARE

Holistic Wellness

AWARE believes that recovery is non-linear and each needs support to find their path to wellness. That can look very different from one individual to the next. We believe in balanced health, mind body, and mind-body food as medicine.

Action - AWARE Global

12-Week Coaching Program

AWARE hosts and coordinates free hugs initiatives, awareness-raising activities, collaborative partnerships, and organizational workshops. We believe in wellness and recovery and encourage and support recovery-based events.

Housing First - AWARE Global

Housing First

AWARE believes in Housing First. How can people heal from trauma when they are living it? AWARE designs Housing First initiatives that promote trauma-informed systems.

Harm Reduction - AWARE

Harm Reduction

Harm reduction is proven to improve outcomes in complex care settings and addiction medicine.

Trauma Aware Care - AWARE Global

Trauma Aware Care

Trauma Aware Care is crucial in creating a culture of inclusivity not only for patrons but also service providers. When services are trauma-informed organizational Wellness is inevitable.

Many Pathways to Recovery - AWARE Global

Many Pathways to Recovery

AWARE believes in many pathways to recovery. We want to help you figure out what that looks like for you and walk beside you as you take the course.

Education, Growth and Development - AWARE Global

Education, Growth and Development

AWARE believes in prevention vs intervention and offers various training, with a focus on vicarious trauma, burnout, whole health and workforce development, healthy office culture, and creating connections.

Youth Initiatives - AWARE

Youth Initiatives

AWARE is passionate about offering youth services. With the bullying epidemic and suicide rates amongst youth skyrocketing, AWARE is collaborating with schools and youth programs to promote tools that help staff be more connected to their students and students more connected to each other.

Diversity & Inclusion - AWARE Global

Diversity & Inclusion

AWARE represent diverse ages, races, gender, and spiritual populations. We nurture safe spaces for everyone and all of our spaces our ADA compliant and welcome to people of all abilities.

Rural Outreach - AWARE Global

Rural Outreach

AWARE recognizes that it can be hard to get access to valuable training and workshops in rural regions. AWARE brings system-changing training and concepts to rural and under-served regions.

Veteran Preservation - AWARE Global

Veteran Preservation

Veterans are near and dear to our hearts. AWARE wants to reduce suicide rates and houselessness by supporting veterans and families and teaching them how to support each other. We partner with agencies that promote housing first initiatives and Veteran preservations.


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